Fellow drummers, meet your new best friend. The M80 Cymbal Case is equal parts performance, protection, comfort and style. Your cymbals can make or break or your sound, so take your sound with you to every gig. Wear it backpack style for those long urban treks, or tuck the straps for an airport-friendly profile. Super durable yet super light. Go play.

Our splash pocket is the first of its kind. Keeping the small ones away from the big ones means less warping and chipping in transit. High-grade nylon sleeves separate larger cymbals in the main pocket. Specialized storage compartments put your accessories right where you need them, while protecting delicate finishes.

Well, we dare you to try. We build our cases to military specs, using only high-test materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. Inside, the plush lining protects delicate custom finishes. So your gear rides first class while you launch an urban assault.

Main pocket – 4 separate slots
(choose between 20″ max or 22″ max)
Hats pocket – 15″ max
Splash pocket – 10″ max

Outside Features

  • Waterproof Sharkskin™ shell with industrial rubber sole and piping (PVC-free)
  • Hi-grade nylon cymbal separators in the main pocket
  • Clip n’ tuck strap system with chest harness for on-the-fly 1 or 2 shoulder carrying
  • Specialized hi-hat and splash pockets keep smaller cymbals safe
  • Steel rivet reinforced handle and straps
  • Animal free

Inside Features

  • Integral clutch pocket and key clip keeps critical hardware organized
  • 420-denier nylon sleeves withstand wear from cymbal edges while protecting finish
  • ID pocket for optional contact information

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  • ManD

    Mono have really created a fantastic Cymbal bag with the M80 – with a pocket specifically for a 10″ Splash, a pocket for hats, and then the main cymbal compartment.

    I have 13″ hats, and although the hat pocket can hold 15″ hats, they also don’t feel like they’re rattling around. The drum key clip and the clutch pocket are really nice touches. I personally don’t take my clutch off my hat stand though, so I’ll probably use that pocket for something else.

    The main cymbal compartment has good quality felt dividers for all your cymbals. Not too bulky, but still good protection for your cymbals. This means the bag doesn’t end up too thick, which was important for me. Don’t think that your cymbals are going to withstand having something stacked on top of this bag though, it’s still a soft bag for sure.

    I love the double riveted handle, the zips are top notch, and the quality of the material certainly seems like it’ll stand the test of time. Waterproof is great for me, as I live in a rainy city, and it’s nice they’ve cared about the base of the bag too.

    The one concern I have, and it’s kinda a big deal, is the clips that hold the shoulder straps (which incidentally are VERY comfortable for walking around with) are made of plastic. Everything else about this bag has been reinforced, but for some reason they’ve chosen to put these clips on. Seems to be completely contrary to the design brief. Hopefully this gets updated at some point. Still, it’s a very good bag, and I’ll still use the shoulder straps, might just find a way of making them more sturdy.

    Bottom line is I would buy this bag again over others knowing what I know about it, but be cautious of the clips.