Take Control

The Axiom AIR Mini 32 offers extensive control, yet remains simple to use. Our HyperControl technology instantly maps the control surface to work flawlessly with your recording software, so there are no set-up chores required. Customize your setup right from the keyboard – no editing software required. Save your favorites to the 10 memory locations for instant recall. Add to that dedicated transport and track select buttons for true Best-In-Class capabilities.

A New Approach to Making Music
With Ignite, you can now capture your ideas quickly with professional results. Individual musical ideas are captured as phrases, simply called clips. Multiple clips can be played back together, or even grouped to create more complex phrases and song sections. Ignite provides seamless integration with any current M-Audio keyboard controller. Once connected to your computer, the key parameters will be automatically assigned, or mapped, to the front panel controllers. This tight integration provides an out-of-the-box solution that simply works—with no set-up chores to perform.

Space-saving style

Ideal for the on-the-go or laptop musician, the compact Axiom AIR Mini 32 serves up 8 responsive pads and 32 velocity-sensing mini-keys, opening new paths to expressive performance. Choose a velocity curve to match your playing. Pitch Bend, Modulation, and Sustain buttons add serious performance capabilities. Octave shift keys provide access to the entire MIDI note range.

Sound Your Best

Included with Ignite are over 275 remarkable instrument sounds developed by AIR Music Technology. In addition to a versatile arpeggiator, Smart MIDI technology provides both a Chord Player and a Phrase Player that can introduce new musical parts to enhance your production—even a drum pattern. Email your ideas to the rest of the band. Share your musical ideas and songs with other musicians through SoundCloud—all without ever leaving Ignite. Plus, you can export WAV and MIDI files, and then import them into any DAW recording software—including Pro Tools.

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  • ManD

    I’ve been using a Roland A90 for the past several years. It weighs 27kg (over 60lbs) without the flight case.

    I’ve been doing some business travel and wanted a music keyboard that I could stash in my laptop bag or luggage case. I use Windows 7 64bit on my laptop. I use Sibelius 7 and Ableton Live 9 Suite. So far, I’ve tried three music keyboards:

    Akai MPK25: I love the feel of the keyboard and other controls. However, I’ve taken it on one trip and found that it is too big and heavy. I’ll keep it at home or I’ll sell it.

    Akai LPK Mini: I was delighted that my fingers could grace over the keys so naturally. However, the unit that I purchased didn’t have consistency over the keys. Sometimes the keys played loud, sometimes they didn’t play at all.

    M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32: The keys do not feel as nice as either of the Akai units but I adjusted in a few minutes and I was able to play the Axiom well enough for composition. I enjoy the even and consistent velocity with every key. Every note plays as it should. Yea!

    Here are more thoughts:
    - Plug and Play with Windows 7 64 bit. I know the earlier reviews reported that this was a problem but it worked fine for me. I didn’t need to go to any web site. I just plugged in the USB and the Axiom worked.

    - Stop, play and record buttons assignable: I don’t sequence. My MPK25 has these keys enabled for Ableton but not Sibelius. The Axiom Mini doesn’t seem to have these keys enabled by default in Ableton or Sibelius. It doesn’t bother me. I just use the mouse on my computer and Ableton or Sibelius count the beat and start recording when I hit the first key on the Axiom. If I need to activate stop, play and record on the Axiom, I’ll probably need to change a software setting. For me, its not a big deal yet.

    - Shallow knobs: This is good for me. I don’t want the knobs to get caught as I’m sliding the Axiom in and out of my bag. I’ve seen plenty of keyboards and other units with broken knobs. I think the Axiom will hold up for my needs. I can control the knobs just fine. If I change my mind, I’ll but rubber bands on them so I can get a better grip. I might also paint a white line so I can see where the knob is pointing.

    - Cursor keys: What are these for? I don’t know. Maybe I should read the manual.

    - Octave: The octave buttons change color (red, green, yellow, bright red and blinking red) as I move up or down additional octaves. Cool.

    - Drum Pads: These don’t seem to track as many nuances in velocity as the mpk25 but they feel just fine to my fingers. They accept a lighter touch than the mpk25 which seems reasonable considering the size.

    - Size and weight: It’s a toy! I’m kidding. It’s actually a nice size for me. 2.5 pounds is a third the weight and about 20% the size of the MPK25. The Axiom is larger and heavier than the AKAI LPK Micro but it also packs a lot more features. And, from my experience, it works better.

    - Final thought: I would have been happier if the keys were longer with more travel like the Akai LPK but I’m happier to have the keys of the Axiom play the notes correctly. I think I’ll keep it.